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GESS Revolver Muscle Massage Gun with 6 Heads, Percussion Massager, Cordless

REVOLVER MUSCLE MASSAGER GUN is a powerful percussion massager for the whole body. The handheld massager provides deep tissue massage by tapping on the selected area. It helps to warm up muscles before workout and quickly recover after intensive training. With 6 INTENSITY LEVELS and 6 HEADS you will easily work out all sets of muscles in the body in order to relieve tension, stress and pain as fast as possible. Make sure to select individual settings while working out each part of your body.

GESS Revolver Deep Tissue Massage Gun – GESS-877

Powerful percussion massage gun for the whole body. With 6 intensity modes for tapping massage and 6 massage heads, you will easily work out all sets of muscles in your body and relieve tension, stress and pain after intense training. Massage modes and shapes of massage heads are specially designed to follow individual features, sizes and functions of each set of muscles. Make sure to set individual settings using convenient touch screen.

6 Massage heads. Flat, conical, spiral, fork-shaped, small and large massage heads for different health aims. Choose the one you need:

1. A flat nozzle is designed to heat all parts of the body.
2. Conical nozzle with air cushioning – for solid parts of the body.
3. Spiral nozzle – for articular parts.
4. Nozzle in the form of a fork – for the legs, neck and shoulder region and back.
5 . Nozzle small massage ball – for small muscle groups.
6. Nozzle large massage ball – for large muscle groups.

All body electric massager. Revolver Massage Muscle Gun is a multifunctional massager for warming up all parts of the body. It is used for the back, neck and shoulders, arms, hips, legs and even feet. The massager tightly fits the body as well as easily adjusts the pressure and angle.

Cordless. The built-in battery allows using the massager anytime and anywhere. Battery capacity is 2.400 mAh. It lasts up to 4 hours of operation. The

Easy to take anywhere. The massage muscle gun, massage heads and charger are packed in a small suitcase for easy transportation.

Gess Revolver Massage Machine is a good solution, if you:

• Suffer from muscle pain or joint soreness after workout or after fitness training
• Have neck, waist, back, legs and hips pain after busy daily work or long trip or after training
• You need a small and convenient device to relieve muscle soreness and discomfort
• Want to enjoy relaxing and stimulating deep tissue massages at home or office


  • 6 intensity modes
  • 6 different tips for different muscle groups
  • Wireless use
  • Convenient handle, massager easy to hold with one hand
  • Simple control panel
  • Weighting in the body for a snug fit of the massager to the body
  • Instrument housing with integrated motor
  • Instrument handle with built-in lithium battery
  • Intensity indicator
  • Battery indicator
  • Touchscreen