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GESS Darsonval SuperNova for Microcurrent Therapy, 4 Electrodes, for Face Body Hair

HIGH FREQUENCY WAND MACHINE is applied for treatment of aging and problematic skin, cellulite, varicose veins and hair growth stimulation. Darsonvalization is based on the therapeutic effect of an alternating current with a high voltage on the human body through a gas-filled glass electrode. High frequency massager helps to tone brain vessels, eliminates headaches, normalizes sleep, prevents hair loss and increases work efficiency.

GESS SuperNova High Frequency Facial Impulse Massager

Darsonvalisation is based on the therapeutic effects of an alternating current with a high voltage on the human body through a gas-filled glass electrode. High frequency wand is widely used in cosmetology, dermatology and combined therapy.

4 glass electrodes for treating various body areas:

• “Drop” – point treatment of local inflammation of the skin.
• “Fork” – legs, arms and neck treatment. It helps with varicose, cellulite and osteochondrosis.
• “Mushroom” – body and face skin treatment.
• “Comb” – hair and scalp treatment.

Two treatment methods:

• Contact (silent discharge) – the vacuum electrode of the facial wand affects a particular area of the skin by being in direct contact with it. The method is used for treatment of aging and problematic skin, cellulite, varicose veins and for hair growth stimulation.

• Contactless (spark discharge) – the massage nozzle is located at a distance of 1-4 mm from the skin surface. When the electrode is moved away from the skin, a spark discharge is produced, the air around the device fills with ozone and you feel slight tingling sensation on a treated area. The method is used for pain relief, treatment of diseases with neuralgic character, resorption of hematomas.

The desired effect is achieved on average after 10-12 treatments. Regular use of the device improves vascular tone, strengthens the immune system and normalizes the central nervous system.

Main advantages:

• improvement of venous blood and lymph outflow
• blood circulation normalization
• brain vessels tone
• headaches elimination
• sleep normalization
• work efficiency increase
• skin elasticity and tightening
• wrinkles and fine lines reduction
• immune system strengthening

Please read the instruction carefully before using the device.

Complete set: 1 x SuperNova device, 4 x glass electrodes, 1 x user manual.