With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay more attention to skin care. Keeping elastic, tender and white skin is something that many people dream of, so there are a variety of skin care products, beauty devices, blackhead instruments and other products. As a simple skin care device, GESS blackhead remover is more and more popular among the public.

Blackheads on the face may be a very troublesome problem for most girls. The appearance of blackheads made the appearance plummet, and many people tried their best to get rid of it. Blackheads have always been a skin problem that girls are concerned about. Therefore, blackhead removal masks or facial cleansers for blackheads on the market will keep women buying. There have been surveys that have pointed out that blackheads are the most difficult for Asian women to deal with. Skin problems! What can we do to completely remove blackheads on my face? Hurry up and continue to look down!


Want to remove annoying blackheads, many people will squeeze the blackheads with their hands, or use acne sticks, nose sticks, etc. However, although these methods are quick to remove blackheads, they will have the opportunity to irritate the skin and cause Redness and swelling of skin or pores.


The cause of blackheads is mainly due to the clogging of oils in the pores. These oils, dust, dander and other mixtures are oxidized by air to form blackheads. Excessive oil secretion in spring and summer, combined with insufficient daily cleaning, will make blackheads worse.

There is nothing wrong with the saying that technology makes people's lives more efficient. As a new type of beauty product, GESS blackhead remover can help us quickly get rid of blackheads without damaging the pores like the other methods mentioned above, and it is very convenient to use.


GESS blackhead remover is a good supplement to your skin care. In order to effectively remove blackheads, you must first use a scrub or salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin before trying this tool. The result will definitely leave a deep impression on you.


GESS blackhead remover have many helpful functions


  1. The GESS blackhead meter adopts the principle of vacuum bomb absorption, which can effectively suck out blackheads, grease and dirt, and at the same time gently stretch the skin, shrink the pores, and effectively protect the skin.


  1. According to the needs of different people, there are a variety of cleaning modes for different skin types. Users can make targeted adjustments according to their different skin types and take great care of the skin. One-key switching of multiple modes, easy to use and very convenient.


3. One machine of GESS blackhead remover has multiple functions. Although the name is "Blackhead Remover", it has multiple functions. It can not only remove blackheads, lighten fine lines, remove aging keratin, but also shrink pores and clean the skin.

We have many different type of blackhead remover and its very helpful to remove our blackhead. If you are a beauty lover, dont miss our blackhead remover device. We have many ready stock now, which means that we can send the samples out within a short time. Many our customers shared us a good feedback after they used our products. Please let me know if you need some helps, we can show you how to operate it and when you will see the effect after use our blackhead remover device.


GESS also is a very professional factory with 13 years manufacture experiences. We support OEM and ODM service, whatever you want to customize your logo on the product or package, also the materials and size, we can meet all these requirements. We have many certifications like CE, RoHS and FCC certificates and so on, those prove that we are a professional factory and we can do anything if you need.

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